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Middle School


Explora Middle School (6-8 grades)
Ebsco’s interface for Schools and Public Libraries is designed to meet the unique needs of its users. Explora supports both student research and classroom instruction. Explora searches:

  • NewspaperSource
  • eBooks (the K-8 Collection, History Collection and Cricket Media Collection)
  • Read It!
    Research while practicing reading skills with Read It!™  Helps students with a basic foundation in English grammar and reading who need adapted reading material for many subjects. Read It!™ is also a great tool for English Language Learners.


Ebsco eBooks (also discoverable through Explora)
K-8 Collection
This Ebsco collection includes eBooks for K-8 students and their educators. It offers a cost-effective way for libraries to provide educators with full-text eBook coverage to support their curricula, and is a great complement to other elementary and middle school eBook and database resources.

Cricket Media Collection
The eBook Cricket Media Collection includes more than 400 titles in eBook format and is suitable for children grades Pre-K through 8th. Cricket is an internationally recognized education company with award-winning print content for children, families and educators. Cricket engages children in a wide variety of subjects and disciplines, helping them explore and expand their worlds.

Overdrive (access with magazines, eBooks and eAudiobooks with your library card)

Novelist Plus
Can’t decide what to read next?  Use Novelist to discover your next favorite author, series, or title!

Novelist K-8
Specifically for students up to 8th grade, Novelist K-8 can help you find your next best read!


Universal Class
Choose from over 500 online courses from photography to physics, computer skills to calligraphy. Learn for fun or to get extra help with a tough topic.

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